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Who are we ?

Arcob Partners is a consulting, tailor-made support, and personalized training service company in intercultural development between Europe and China.

Based in Paris, we put our skills and experiences in the intercultural field, in international mobility at the service of European and Chinese companies and organizations with the aim of promoting their optimal management, efficient development, and intelligent cooperation.

Educated and having solid professional experiences in Europe and China, we work as the right arms of leaders for strategic decisions; we support companies or organizations for better choices and better progress of international projects, support their teams on the Chinese or European market through customized solutions.

Lifelong learning, mutual  respect, curiosity, openness, and benevolence, we are  promoters and practitioners of essential human values in intercultural development to help the sustainable success of our clients in complex environments. 


We help you save time and reduce costs in your  activities with the Chinese
market or the European  market

Tailor-made support
We help you find credibility and security in your contracts on overseas markets

Personalized training
We help you improve performance and find an equal and lasting relationship in your target market

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